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    Clinical Psychology Doctoral Practicum

    Welcome to California Counseling Clinics’ Practicum Training Program

    Shaping the Future of Mental Health Care: Join Our Journey as a Doctoral Trainee

    At California Counseling Clinics (CCC), we are excited to invite prospective Psy.D. and Ph.D. doctoral graduate students studying at APA-accredited institutions to join our distinguished Practicum Training Program. Our program is uniquely designed to foster your growth as a future clinician, providing a comprehensive training experience that integrates empirical knowledge with practical skills in a supportive and dynamic environment. Training opportunities are available at our Santa Barbara and Westlake Village locations.

    Program Overview:

    Our training program runs annually from August to August, encompassing a spectrum of learning and practical opportunities. We require our trainees to be available for 15-20 hours per week, ensuring a balance between academic commitments and hands-on experience. We Require applications for the upcoming training year to be submitted by February 28th.

    Application Materials:

    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Cover Letter
    • Case Conceptualization

    When you are ready to apply, please send these materials to [email protected].

    Key Features of Our Program:

    Expert Supervision: Trainees will receive individual and group supervision from our team of experienced Clinical Psychologists. This guidance is crucial in honing your clinical skills and understanding the nuances of therapeutic interventions.

    Didactic Training: Our practicum trainees engage in comprehensive didactic training led by experts in the field designed to deepen their understanding of clinical theories and techniques and to integrate this knowledge into their practical skills.

    Team Consultations: Participate in team consultations, a collaborative space where you can discuss cases, share insights, and learn from the collective wisdom and therapeutic orientations of our professional team.

    Solution-Focused Approaches: We emphasize solution-focused therapy, equipping you with strategies that empower patients to find effective solutions to their challenges. We offer the unique, standalone treatment of Solution Centered Sessions, with the opportunity to participate in team consults and gain experience conducting this form of session.

    Diverse Patient Demographics: Our clinic serves patients across various age groups, offering you the chance to work with a diverse population and understand different life stages and their unique mental health needs.

    Variety of Evidence-Based Therapeutic Modalities: Gain experience in individual therapy, group therapy, and solution-centered therapy (a form of brief therapy). This diverse exposure will enable you to adapt to various clinical situations and patient needs.

    Optional Supervision in Assessment: For those interested in psychological assessment, we offer additional supervision opportunities to develop competency in this area.

    Our Commitment to Trainees:

    At CCC, we value our trainees and are committed to being an integral part of your journey as emerging clinicians. We believe in nurturing a collaborative and respectful environment where you can feel supported to grow both professionally and personally.

    Join Us:

    Embark on your professional journey with California Counseling Clinics’ Practicum Training Program. Here, you will not only contribute to the mental well-being of our patients but also lay a solid foundation for your future career in clinical psychology.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our team and supporting you in your journey towards becoming a compassionate, skilled, and confident mental health professional.