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    Psychological Assessments

    California Counseling Clinics provides culturally-informed psychological testing and assessments.

    Our psychologists administer psychological testing and provide patients with written reports and treatment recommendations. Assessments are tailored to each patient’s individual presenting concerns. Our psychological assessments are holistic in that we take into account our patients’ cultural and social backgrounds throughout the testing process. A primary staff member is assigned to each patient to conduct the assessment, while the clinic team members may review and finalize assessment results.

    CCC utilizes a variety of testing methods to assess:
    Cognition & Memory
    Learning Disabilities
    Emotional and social functioning
    Academic performance and achievement
    Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity (ADHD)

    Psychological assessments frequently arise from a patient’s wish to find answers to a question. Patients may want to know if they or their child has a learning disability or a mental illness. At the end of the assessment, the patient is provided with a written report and treatment recommendations based on the patient’s presenting concern, needs, and strengths.

    Examples of questions or concerns that may be addressed in psychological assessments:

    Why is my child having difficulties in school?
    Do I have a mental health disorder?
    What are my psychological strengths and weaknesses?
    What is my cognitive level compared to others my age?
    What is the best mental health treatment for me at this time?
    How has a traumatic experience from my past impacted my current way of being in the world?

    Questions or wondering where to start?

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