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    Solution-Centered Therapy

    Welcome to Solution-Centered Therapy, an empowering and action-oriented approach to achieving your therapeutic goals. In this unique modality, we prioritize your desired outcomes and provide strategies to help you find practical solutions. Our approach recognizes that you may not require ongoing therapy and aims to create an effective plan of action within a single session.

    Solution-Centered Therapy offers effective support for a wide range of concerns, including new challenges, relationship or career issues, major life transitions, anxiety, depression, academic difficulties, loss of self-esteem, trauma, phobias, and more. Our collaborative sessions harness your existing strengths and expertise, fostering a partnership between you and your therapist to facilitate meaningful change.

    Through Solution-Centered Therapy, we aim to equip you with practical strategies and insights that empower you to address your concerns efficiently and effectively. While some issues may require additional sessions or ongoing support, our focus remains on delivering results and helping you navigate your unique journey toward a more fulfilling life.

    Discover the power of Solution-Centered Therapy and embark on a transformative path to resolution, growth, and lasting change.

    How does it work?

    During your session, the first 30 minutes will be spent understanding your current goal and concerns. Next, there will be a 15 minute break during which your therapist consults with a team of mental health specialists. When your session reconvenes, the final 15 minutes will be spent providing you with the team’s thoughts, strategies, and resources.

    Can you solve your problems in a single session of therapy?

    Can you solve your problems in a single session? The simple and short answer for many is yes, often you can. Although not yet common practice in the United States, this approach has been popularized and refined in Canada and Australia for many years with tremendous success. Solution-Centered Sessions are great if you have a busy lifestyle, or if you are new to therapy and uncertain of what to expect. There is zero commitment required beyond your first session, so it is a great low-pressure way to see if therapy is right for you. Conversely, it is also great if you know you benefit from therapy, but don’t have the time on a consistent basis.

    An hour can make all the difference. ​