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  • Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy aims to support psychological change and improve quality of life. At CCC, we don’t believe that people need to be “fixed” – rather, that everyone has unique strengths and wisdom, and together we can build on these resources. We are here to provide our support and expertise to help each person realize their therapy goals.

    There are a variety of therapeutic approaches to choose from, including but not limited to:

    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – assists you in making changes in specific thoughts, feelings and behaviors. While CBT is sometimes viewed as more scientific, “manualized” therapy, it is largely based on an established relationship with your therapist. Several famous and effective branches have evolved from the cognitive-behavioral approach, such as mindfulness-based therapies, trauma therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy, which has proven to be effective for those who struggle with emotion regulation and conflicts with others. Therapists at CCC are trained in CBT and find it to be an effective approach for many.

    Humanistic/Existential Therapy – believes that people are unique and encourages them to find their own path to happiness and exercise choice as opposed to merely following convention. It encourages people to be authentic and embrace their strengths. It is up to us to create meaning in our life, decide how we will live, and which kind of relationships we want to have. Your path to happiness may not be what someone else had in mind, but it should be what is meaningful to you. If you have ever felt stuck or experienced a pressure to follow other people’s expectations and norms, this approach may present you with quite an empowering experience. Many people who are questioning the meaning of life and the choices they are faced with find that an existential approach is most helpful. This could be especially true for people who are experiencing a major life transition, grief and loss.

    Systems/Family Therapy – assumes that life does not happen in a vacuum and is experienced in the context of the systems and society in which we are embedded. Every one of us is surrounded by and impacted by other people, such as family members and previous generations, colleagues or schoolmates, and other people around us. Systems approaches consider the rich tapestry of culture, ancestry and society as the context in which we experience life. These relational systems around us may have contributed to our pain but can also become a powerful source of healing.