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    Group Therapy


    Group therapy is a form of therapy where a small group of people meet to address certain issues, support each other, grow, and learn new skills, with the therapist(s) facilitating the process. We at CCC believe that the group is a powerful source of support and growth, and that therapy should always include laughter. You may have ups and downs, but you’re not alone, and other people will similarly benefit from your experiences and support.






    DBT Skills Group

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy, developed by Marsha Linehan, aims to help people cope more effectively with intense emotions, addictive behaviors, and/or relationship struggles. DBT supports people in managing painful feelings and self-destructive behaviors. In CCC’s DBT group, we will be aiming to create a supportive environment for participants as well as teach specific, usable skills that the participants can apply in their life right away.








    Group for Social Anxiety

    The group for social anxiety is a group designed for young adults in their 20s and adjacent to meet and connect to peers who understand their experiences without judgment. This group will teach practical skills on how to be assertive within an environment of people who are willing to provide and receive support. This group is a safe space to share, experiment, and feel like you belong.




    ADHD Skills Group for Adults 

    The purpose of the weekly group is to help participants create balance and set focus. If you experience shifting attention and tend to wear yourself thin between different activities, the group will help you center yourself and create moments to relax. The group will be there for you, and you can share and support others through your experiences. If you find it hard to set priorities and follow through, the group may help you make decisions about which needs to attend to first and how to balance your own needs with the needs of others.