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  • Dr. Sophie Andar, PhD.

    Dr. Sophie Andar is the Care Team Manager at California Counseling Clinics. Dr. Andar brings a rich background in health education and a deep commitment to community well-being to her role. Originally from Toronto, Canada, with longstanding educational roots in the U.S., Sophie has dedicated her career to public health promotion in various settings, including nonprofit organizations, universities, governmental bodies, and community groups. Her past focus has been on combatting public health crises such as drug overdoses and community violence. Notably, she launched the City of Santa Fe’s Violence Prevention Unit in 2022, where she worked to enhance the city’s capacity to address violence effectively.

    Now based in Santa Barbara, Dr. Andar is excited to lead and innovate in patient care at California Counseling Clinics. She is passionate about fostering an inclusive clinic environment and enhancing patient experiences through compassionate, evidence-based care practices. Sophie enjoys connecting with her community, walking, and sharing laughter, bringing a spirit of positivity and engagement to all her endeavours.

    – Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
    – Master of Arts in International Education Development
    – Doctor of Education in Health Education, Teachers College, Columbia University