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    What is the Difference Between Traditional Therapy and Solution Focused Single Sessions?

    In traditional therapy, a patient sees the same therapist many times to build a relationship and gradually work on issues over time, typically 16+ weeks. This approach can be helpful for those who need long term support, but typically does not provide immediate benefit. At California Counseling Clinics, we use the evidence-based Single Session Therapy approach to provide interventions that can immediately address a patient’s most pressing needs. Research suggests that our model of therapy can provide the equivalent benefit of eight sessions of traditional therapy, in one hour.

    What Happens in a Solution Focused Single Session?

    • Before your session, you will fill out a brief questionnaire to help us prepare the most beneficial session for you.
    • For the first 30 minutes of the session, you and the clinician discuss what has been going on and what you are hoping to get help with.
    • This is followed by a 10-15 minute break, during which the clinician will consult with a team of mental health specialists to quickly determine the best therapeutic strategies that you can use to help reach your goals.
    • The remainder of the time is used to review the team’s recommendations with you!
    • At the end of the session, we ask you to complete a feedback form to ensure that we provided the services that you were seeking.

    What if I Need More than One Session?

    Often, one session is enough. If by the end of the session, you and the therapist determine that additional therapy would be beneficial, we will work with you to identify the best options.

    Can I See the Same Therapist More than Once?

    We treat each session as a whole and complete therapy, regardless of the number of times you chose to access services. You can choose to see the same therapist, or request a new therapist based on your goals for treatment and the therapist specialization. You can access services as often as you find it helpful.

    What Types of Issues Do You Work With?

    Our clinicians have different specialties, education and experience, and will work directly with you or will be part of the consultation team, based on your pre-session questionnaire. The areas of specialization include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues, navigating complex medical issues, physical disabilities, pregnancy, parenting, life transitions, cross-cultural issues, and situational crises. ​